You Dont Need A Guy to make you Happy

How many tears does it  take to realize

that you dont need a guy to make you happy…

You Dont Need A Guy to make you Happy

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6 Responses

  1. Ekta says:

    Hiiii all quotes are too good….

  2. Khyati says:

    Hi Khyati.. ur Quotes & Images R Really Very cool..

  3. Garima says:

    Hi Khyati…..Nice collection of picture quotes…..
    Love to see more…..:):)

  4. khyati says:

    hey dear havin same names n same thoughts also

  5. Harshada says:


    I told all my colleagues at OFS about your website and they really liked it. And then I boasted she is my best friend from school and everything and took the credit. But Am really proud of you, keep it going. All d best Love.

    Yours Harshada

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