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At ICR there was this year end gift swap which I had participated in.. IN the swap u r supposed to recieve a gift from Secret someone which according to me adds more mystery to the gift and makes the process quiet fun.. So today itself I was planning to send out mine gift but still left with some details so maybe by this weekend I am planning to send it out.. And something rellay beautiful arrived at my doorstep coaxing me to send out my gift ASAP too 🙂 .. Yes my year end gift from Ash.. Ash let me tell u that I am totally in love with perfumes and can never have more 🙂 and sandalwood is my weakness .. I just love the fragrance u sent me .. Thank you dearie for making the new year extra special 🙂 .. So finally guys here is the look at what she sent me 🙂



Khyati Kothari

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