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Upcycle bottle using glitter

Well I am back again.. this time I have a treat for those who always wants to try something different.. Well to give you some background around what do I mean by change is.. For those who know me and read my blog regularly know that I have tried my hands on quiet a few stuff namely – digital software to make cards , paper crafting, mixed media, altered art… and now the latest gimmick is DIY.. Well I am a person who get bored if asked to do the same work again and again for years and need a constant change… Now I know that in professional and personal lives that’s not possible (I just cant swap my family members or my bosses so easily .. Not that I would 😀 ).. Hence I try to swap between hobbies, so that everyone is happy ;).. Hence from past 1 month I have been creating a lot of DIY projects which I plan to share with you guys and hopefully inspire you like how I was inspired to try something different and out of my comfort zone.. Before I even show the pics I want to apologise for the quality of pics as they were taken from my phone.. And the bottle is already gifted and I forgot to take the pics before gifting the (Silly me 🙁 ).. So here is the final product –


Now on the supplies and how I did it along with some links to the ones who inspired me –

So first I got some empty bottles .. Since it was first time I was doing anything with glass I had no glass color or anything handy with me (I am a very impatient person and I could not wait to get started on the project.. I literally started this one after coming home from office at like 10 PM 😉 ).. Hence I got a colored bottle itself and just decided to glitter it..

Supplies needed –

Empty bottle




Sealer ( In my case I have used Compac Clear Spray)



I covered my bottle with the tape wherever I did not want the glitter to be stuck.. And then added fevicol to remaining areas.. Here is the pic of me dumping glitter … YAY


Once you have added glitter and removed the excess let the fevicol dry..  You may feel that this project would require a lot of glitter but that wasn’t the case.. When I was completed with the bottle and I dumped the excess back in I realized hardly any glitter was used and one bottle would go long way..

So once your bottle is dry, here comes the part to seal the bottle so that glitter doesn’t stick to your hands.. I have used the Aerosol spray to seal, you can use Modpodge for it as well but I have read that after using mod podge u lose some of the shine and I did not want it… Now you should’nt to inhale the fumes these sprays emit so please take your project out in open space – a garden or a gallery like in my case and then spray on the bottle evenly.. Please cover your face with mask while doing it so you don’t inhale the fumes..

Once the spray is dry touch the bottle and if needed spray it with another round to seal the areas if any left.. And your project is done..

Honestly I was never a big fan of glitters because they create a big mess.. but after this project I seems to have gotten a knack of it and have created many more projects using glitter which I would be sharing soon.. So hope you guys had fun and enjoyed the post..

Here are the links where I got the idea from –

This bottles would be perfect for a decorative item in your racks or can be used as vases or you can even add a tealight and see the glitter work it wonders 🙂

P.S – Do you guys get bored after doing the same kind of crafting again and again. I agree each product has its own individuality and its different from the last one you make etc.. But do you guys get BORED :D.. and if YES what other crafts do you try .. let me know as I would love to give it a try too 😉

Happy Crafting



Khyati Kothari

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