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Review Of The Face Of Deception By Iris Johansen

When you actually go to buy out the books of Iris Johansen you will notice that many of her books are written on character named Eve Duncan (A forensic Sculptor).. Yes indeed these are all connected volumes which start with this novel..

Born and raised in poverty, Eve Duncan never understood joy until the birth of her daughter Bonie. She not only gave Eve the ambition to be more than just another teenage mother on welfare, she also brought Eve and her estranged mother together again. Eve’s life is forever changed when a psychopath takes Bonnie’s life.

Haunted by the fact that her daughter’s murderer was executed without revealing where he had buried his victim, Eve Duncan became a forensic sculptor, specializing in the identification of children. However, when the billionaire John Logan offers her a million dollars to reconstruct an adult skull, which Logan implies is that of John F. Kennedy, Eve agrees, stipulating that her fee go to a fund for missing children.

Eve finds out that she has been misled and the skull is not of Kennedy , Instead the skull belongs one of the key politician. And the killer of that politician wont stop until they destroy all the proof that the politician is dead is buried along with the people who found this out. Now Eve needs Logan’s proptection more than ever because she knows without his protection she and people close to her will be killed. However the scene changes when Eve’s friend Atlanta Detective Joe Quinn with the help of Logan catches the killer and once again they all love happily ever after…

Iris Johansen’s potrayal of character who are good with a hint of dark side about them, makes the novel much more enticing and thrilling.. Hope you guys enjoy it too.. 🙂


Khyati Kothari

2 thoughts on “Review Of The Face Of Deception By Iris Johansen”

  1. I too Read this Novel… Probably my first of Iris Johansen…
    She writes very intriguing and fast paced stories… But I feel Eve has been portrayed as a more of a person crazy over her daughter, rather than the strong willed woman , iris wants her to be portrayed as.

    1. That’s one fold of her.. So yes she’s been shown crazy behind her daughter.. Cos her character is such that her life revolves around her daughter.. And she is her priority.. She won’t even care about her life if she can find her daughter’s killer.. So yes I do agree that she is shown as a “person crazy over her daughter”.. But goin on for years to find her daughter’s killer in itself is a characteristic of a Strong Wiled Person

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