Some Questions

I wanted to write a post on Crafting today and wanted to create a ray of positiveness between the negativity going around in the country, but again my mind and heart simply refused to do.. Everyday an anger is building up in me and I dunno when and how its going to come out.. Everyday around me debates are going on as to how these guys should be punished and how the constitution should be changed to incorporate a more aggressive punishment for these Criminals.. I just have one question for all those people, will it change the mentality of people in India?

Will people stop defaming each and every rape victim that “By wearing skimpy clothes you know she was asking for it”.. What I would like instead was for all those Men out there would be to take a pledge – A pledge that I will respect not only the females in my house but the females in entire country because they are also a family to someone else.. I respect many a Men in my life from my Father to my brothers to my cousins and friends.. And this respect is because I admire their intelligence and I truly respect the person they have made of themselves.. If I am asking a similar understanding from all other guys in the country is it too much to ask for?? .. Why can’t I be respected for the my intelligence and my abilities.. Why should that respect be based on the kind of clothes I wear.. If Guys roam around in their shorts does that mean a group of females passing by can grope them and pass lewd comments of them.. Will that be okay??

Today Guys talk about how they are victims of sexual harassment in Corporate Sector.. Do you know that females have been victims of these harassment from the time they were a teenager.. Some even before they became a teenager.. What should we do about it then.. Just take it as a part of Life??

I know one thing for sure I am not going to change for Guys who think they can do it all and get away with it, I can reason with you and explain to you that yes “I am an Equal”.. But if you don’t understand it today then you will have to tomorrow..


Khyati Kothari