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Review of the Bride Quartet novels by Nora Roberts

The Bride Quartet novels by nora robert namely the –
Part 1 – Vision In White
Part 2 – Bed Of Roses
Part 3 – Savor the Moment
Part 4 – Happily Ever After

The bride Quartet is a story revolving around four childhood friends Mackensie, Parker, Laurel and Emmaline who used to play wedding day when they were kids.. But now come quiet a way ahead in life they have formed a successful business named as VOWS as a wedding planner group who looks out all the details for the bride and groom until the D-day.. But despite helping many happy couples to organize the bigges day in their lives… these females are unlucky in love and thus missing out something amazing in life

Vision In White —

Mackensie Elliot  is an amazing photographer who has a knack of creating an amazing people with just the right element of love in it.. This makes her an asset to Vows and creates beautiful photographs of the couples on their wedding day… But she herself has suffered a tough childhood being surrounded by a mother who is so self centric that she cares only about her own self and a father who left them and hardly has time for her in his life.. Because of these occurrences in her life she is vary of making relations in life and letting people come close to her except her friends.. But when she meets Carter Maguire, the rules change and he can’t stop herself falling for him.. In the midst of it Carter’s ex-girlfriend is prepared to play dirty to keep him and Mackensie herself is confused about her feelings and taking the next step in the relation.. But she soon realities that to find a lasting love in her life she has to put her past demons to rest . . .

Bed of Roses —

Emmaline Grant has always loved romance, so it’s really no surprise that she has found her calling as a wedding florist.. .And plus she used to work that with her childhood best friends Mackensie, Parker and Laurel.. While men swarm around her because of her great looks she yet haven’t found her Mr Right yet.. But the last place Emmaline looks is right under her nose.. Architect and Parker’s brother’s best friend for years Jack Cooke has helped the girls during their new setup of the business.. Now the architect has begun to admit to himself that his feelings for Emma have developed into much more than friendship, and when she returns his passion – kiss for blistering kiss – things start to get complicated…. Jack has never been big on commitment based on the past experiences of his parent..  And Emma yearns for a lifelong love commitment.. Soon Jack realizes that to have that perfect one you love letting go of your freedom is not a big thing to ask for…

Savor the Moment —

Wedding baker Laurel McBane is surrounded by romance working at Vows wedding planning company with her best friends Parker, Emma, and Mac.. But she is a tough cookie to crack and doesn’t believe in romance.. What she does believe is that she has always had certain unexpressed feelings for an intelligent and a strong man who was Parker’s older brother Delaney and her own childhood friend..  She had a mega crush on him since childhood .. But some crushes never go instead they turn to deeper feelings.. Laurel is convinced that the Ivy League Lawyer is still out of his reach.. Plus Del is too protective of his girls (namely Mackensie, Parker, Laurel and Emmaline) to ever cross line with them.. When Laurel’s quicksilver moods get the better of her-leading to an angry, hot, all-together mind-blowing kiss with Del.. Del is all in for it to and to give it a try and out a new perspective in to their relation.. Laurel who thinks that she is not good enough for the rick guy like Del and Del who doesn’t know that what exactly does he feel for Laurel have to understand each other and enter the new uncertain territory to find out what exactly is in their hearts…

Happily Ever After —

Parker has always been good at managing things.. Hence it was not a surprise for those who knew her when she made a success of Vows her wedding planning company with her childhood friends.. Looks can be deceptive and so is her job which includes takin care of minute nitigrities.. But now, with her three best friends happily settled in relationships, only workaholic Parker remains single…. Her business is her life and she devotes all her energies to it. But someone is about to divert her focus…. Del’s good friend and a skilled garage owner cum mechanic Mal was always intrigued by Parker.. And once Parker kisses her to spite his brother Del, Mal cannot keep Parker out of her mind and wants to try waters with her.. Now Parker who always wanted a guy who was very much different from Mal has fallen in love with him and doesn’t know how to react for the first time in her life and Mal who was always skeptic about relations and commitement doesn’t know what to do with his feelings with Parker.. But soon they realize that life is not all about planning and sometime you need to do what your heart says…


Khyati Kothari

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