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Review Of Machaan , Malad (W)

This time me and my friends wanted to try a theme based restaurants .. Which you all know are very few in Mumbai  :(.. So we thought lets try out Machaan whose specialty being, its a Jungle Theme Based Res truant… Let me tell you guys the ambiance is awesome 🙂 ..

As you enter you will see floor which is converted to an underground aquarium and above it is a small bridge to give you filmy feeling.. There are a set of tables at a ground level.. And at a bit heighten level.. The ground level tables are surrounded by waterfalls which are lovely.. Also there are statues of animals and trees scattered here and there.. The background music they play are various jungle sounds which get repetitive after sometime… Some nicely placed lights at strategic locations which adds to the jungle feel and decor..

Ok.. so now since we are done with the review of ambiance (which is what you will hear most often when you discuss this place with anyone) ,lets talk about the basic thing.. Food.. I found the food here was not at all great.. Also there are very few dishes to be selected in vegetarian menu.. Most of the people coming here were non vegetarian and I have heard that non vegetarian food over there is good, but the veg food over here is a complete turn off.. The only thing they have good is starters.. Also expect your bill to come around 1000 bucks for a dinner of two..

As for those who are craving for good food I would suggest not to try this place.. But those who are ready to spend some money and try out new and different ambience can surely try this place out..

This place is locate at the —

Palm Spring Bldg,

Unit No 812,

8th Floor, Kanchpadha,

Link road, Malad (W),


Land Mark : Above Chroma Show Room

Also if you people have gone out to some other theme based restraunts in mumbai .. feel free to atleast write the name and where it is located and ofcourse its theme in the comments  😀 .. Hoping to recieve some new theme based restraunts name from you guys :).. And hope this review was useful to you…


Khyati Kothari

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