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Review Of Dil Chahta Hai


DCH came in 2001, and made the No 1 spot in my Top Ten List for that year. It’s a very light hearted movie.. A movie you can watch any time irrespective of whosoever you are with..

‘Dil Chahta Hai’ is the story of three friends – Akash(Aamir Khan) is fun-loving, non-believer in love. He is a happy-go-lucky son of a wealthy family, which means that besides having a big-screen TV and awesoem music system in his bedroom, perpetual vacations in his own personal cars, he’s also got typical parents who are worried about what he’s going to do with his life.
Sameer(Saif Ali Khan) aslo comes from a rich family.He is the romantic one who is always ready for love.. He is the one who wears heart on his sleeves and constantly falls in and out of love with pretty young things who facinates him ;).. Sid (Akshya Khaana) is the serious one of the trio.. He is sensitive, understanding and a caring guy.. A perfect guy for any girl…

Sid falls in love with an alcoholic divorcee Tara Jaiswal(Dimple Kapadia).. Aakash misunderstand’s their relation and indirectly hurts Sid’s emotions.. Inturn they have a fight and Sid slaps Aakash..This causes a rift between both and they go their separate ways. Aakash’s unfocussed life changes when, under parental pressure, he must lend a hand in his Dad’s business abroad, while Sameer, the romantic, must face the horrifying prospect of an arranged marriage wih Pooja (Sonali Kulkarni) and falls in love with her.Siddharth must sort out his feelings for Tara. Aakash leaves for Australia, Siddharth remains busy with his art, and his fascination for Tara, and Sameer tries to steady his emotions when he spies true love on the horizon.Subsequently Akash too realizes the meaning of true love when the vivacious, bubbly Shalini(Priety Zinta) comes in his life. The friends scatter, but does their friendship hold ?

So finally we get to see how these boys become men.

Aamir as Aakash is fantastic ; just the right amount of confidence blending in with the half-cocked sense of humor make Aakash a charismatic character. Saif as Sameer displays admirable comic timing, and makes the perfect and innocent Casanova :). Akshay as Sid, looks artistic; soulful, searching gazes and all, and presents the perfect foil for fun-filled Aakash and romantic Sameer. Preity as Shalini, looked so-young, and fresh, and was wonderful as the beautiful young woman Aakash yearns for but cannot be with. Sonali Kularni in a small role as Pooja, is cute. And Ayub Khan as the possesive fiance, is very good too. Kapadia is gorgeous as Sid’s love interest, Tara.

A good film is made even better with the kind of music Shankar-Ehsaan and Loy provide. From the enthusistic “Koi Kahen”, to the wistful “Dil Chahta hai”, and to the ultimate sad track which found place in million hearts..  “Tanhayee” , each song is beautiful and has perfect timing … Is one of the best movie made by Indian Cinerma.. And a true depiction of naughty and notorious youth yet they are shown to be innocent very different from current movies which only show the bad side of youth..


Khyati Kothari

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