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Review Of Deadlock – Iris Johansen

Emily Hudson shines is an artifacts expert, who is sent all over the world by the U.N. to evaluate and save each country’s historical treasures. She and her partner Joel had been sent to a small museum that had little of real value in Afghanistan, but they worked with their team to package and load everything, working hard and fast to get out before the weather turned even worse. However, as they were leaving, both were captured!

Held captive, Emily is being asked about a hammer which contains a path a big treasure. She knows the total inventory they saved but it does not contain any hammer and she says so.. But thats not enough for her captor Staunton who doesn’t believe her and soon began to torture Joel to make Emily say the truth until he was dead. Before Staunton could start torturing she is saved by her Knight in Black Armour John Garett (Her own Angel Of Death)…

John Garrett was a mercenary who occasionally agreed to take missions for the CIA. It had taken his seeing Emily’s picture to convince him to go after her! But it was her anger and hate of Staunton, and later his own when Staunton killed Garrett’s friend, that started a hunt not only for the mysterious hammer for which Joel had died, but to track down Staunton and those that had backed him financially!

The hunt leads them on to the enitre world and they finally face Staunton.. So how do they devise a plan to kill Staunton.. How will they find the hammer.. Do they actually locate the treasure.. For the answer of these question.. Do read Deadlock.. Its a gripping novel.. I would give Johansen that.. But the story is not that great… She has definetly written better ones.. So i would rate it 3/5


Khyati Kothari

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