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Review of Cascade (Kandivali E)

Sorry guys.. i hardly get time these days.. so haven’t made any new stuff to be posted on the site… But then i felt guily about it and removed some time to write the post 🙂

Here is a brand new review of a restaurant named Cascade in Kandivali(E)

Its a nice place to hangout with family/ friends.. It has a soft music and a loud music sections.. I have tried out both but personally i like the soft music sections.. The loud music section has music that just blares and within sometime surely your head will start hurting.. It serves Punjabi, Italian, Mexican and various other stuff.. Personally i like the continental food over there unlike punjabi.. The have quite a large variety of starters and main course..(A lot to choose from :D)

Personally I like the starter named French Connection which tastes similar to the garlic bread u get in Pizza Hut.. but its tangy flavors are amazing.. Jeera rice is my another favorite in that place.. amazing quality of rice.. i simply sit back and enjoy its taste 😉 … They even provide a large varieties of Hard drinks, Cocktails and Mock tails.. Even the live pasta which they make in front of you is fun and tasty.. I  have tried Blue Lagoon,Russian Ballet in Cocktails which were amazing.. You get decent punjabi over here nothing that great.. Sizzlers are quiet good too.. Event the service is very prompt and its quiet a pleasant experience..

Now the bad thing about this place would be the cost.. An average bill for a table of two would come out to 1000 Rs.. But then that can be compromised when every thing there is so good…

So personally i would rate this place a 3.5/5 and hence for those who live in vicinity and for those who wanna try it out.. Its definitely a thumbs up from my side :)… enjoy

For those who want to visit this place –

The Village Avenue Residency,

1st Floor, Thakur Cinema Mall,

Thakur Village,

Off Western Express Highway,

Kandivali (E), Mumbai

Phone: 66257722, 28846988, 65252222


Khyati Kothari

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