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Review Of Break Ke Baad


These days you get to see many unconventional love stories in bollywood movies.. well Break ke baad is another such movie and that revolves around love between pretty unconventional people but has the same routine story to it..

Story revolves around two central character .. Abhay (Imran Khan) and Aalia’s (Deepika Padukone).. The 1st hour of the movie is decent where we are introduced with the characters.. Aalia’s character is off a risk tacker , immature , ambitious girl who hides her love of acting from her mom Aisha(Shamila Tagore) and takes up the roles dramas without telling her.. Abhay is a sensitive, mature (basically every woman’s dream kinda guy :)) who works at his Father’s theater business.. The one which he doesn’t like.. But he doesn’t know what he wants in life and doesn’t want to take risks..

Aaliya is a very vivacious and heady kind of girl whereas Abhay is shown very committed to the relationship.. They are going around from past 10 years and know that at some point of time in their life will marry each other..

The first break in their relation occurs when Aaliya receives a free scholarship for Mass Communication from a college in Australia which she had submitted without consulting Aisha or Abhay since she feels its her life and her decisions.. Finally Abhay settles everything for Aaliya and she goes to Australia.. They try maintaing the overseas relationship and fail miserably .. But Abhay still doesn’t accept Aaliyas decision of break up and stays at her place and tries to win her back (which is kind of cute but gets very irritating and repetitive :()
Finally Abhay accepts that Aaliya only wants to be friends with him.. And within this period of time he finds meaning for his own life.. And finds his passion in cooking food .. And opens up restraunts in Australia.. Meanwhile Aaliya signs up a contract with a film Agency in Australia and wins her mom’s acceptance..

When Abhay goes back to India he plans to get married.. which is when Aaliya realizes that she loves him and goes to stop him from getting married.. Will she be able to do it.. I guess you gotta watch Break Ke Baad for it ..

Now talking about the movie.. the role reversal displayed in the movie.. Showing Aaliya as a dominant one is not far fetched but is shown in a very hypothetical way.. There are bits and pieces in the movie where you actually pity Abhay and wish that they would have never hooked up.. The story line is very repetitive and very boring.. Hardly there is any part in the movie which you would actually enjoy.. The movie is of only 2 to 2.5 hours but I was not even able to even an hour of movie.. ๐Ÿ™

Personally I would rate this movie 1/5


Khyati Kothari

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