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Review of 21 Fahrenheit, Andheri(West)

For those who have not been to this place and are planning to .. let me tell you guys one thing be prepared for is the chilled assault to your senses 😉 (And i do mean it literally :P).. Well this place is India’s first and only Ice Pub till date and we all friends planned to check it out,  of course for its extraordinary ambiance..
Well we went for a corporate group party and hence the rates for us were much cheaper than the actual rates..
We were charged 900 for unlimited food Combo which consisted of starters and mocktails  in the pub section and dinner at the Level 1 Dinning Section..

For boozers it was 1650 unlimited boozed and food included.. Considering money I am sure many of you will find it costly.. But let me tell you guys its completely worth it downright to the last penny we gave..
On weekdays this place is open from 2 pm to 12 in the midnight and weekends from 2 pm to 1:30 am.. This is the first lounge i visited and found that they indeed do provided good food.. Because generally in louunges its all about drinks, nice flavored mocktails and starters.. But here they have definitely put some efforts in to the cooking area too.. Also the desserts they provided were nice..
Now to the main catch of this place.. The ice lounge.. Its quiet a small place of almost like 800 sq ft.. Which i feel is enough since they take up a crowd of max 30 people.. Also they need to maintain the temperature hence the small place.. The lounge section is divided in to 3 areas.. one for a small group of 5 – 6 people and the other one for 4 people and the bigger section for 20 people.. The DJ was ok.. not that great.. The main attraction of that place is the cool temperatures..
Once you start to get in you are provided with freshly laundered coat with a hood, gloves and cute snow boots(I am sure girls would be the ones who would have noticed it ;))… The best part is inside they have made up sofas, bar area, tables, DJ area and also a vase all of ice.. which is worth seeing.. They also provide you the drinks in ice glasses which is fun :D..
So personally i would rate this place 5/5..
It has everything you could wish for.. good lounge, nice dining place, good food.. The only thing on negative side would be high charges.. But since its one of a kind place i don’t think you people should mind going to this place paying the big bucks ;).. And trust me guys you will enjoy it till the end..
For those who want to check out there website(But i doubt the packages amount is updated)

For those who want to visit this place –
28, Meera Apartments,
Oshiwara Link Road,
Andheri (W),
Landmark – next to 5 Spice, Opposite Mega Mall, Near Kareems

Phone: 26310021


Khyati Kothari

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