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Bustle Borivali West Review

Restaurant Review – Bustle

HI All,
I am back with a different thing this time and I hope I won’t bore you. But as the blog rightly says Its all about me and I am not just a crafter, there are a lot of things I love apart from crafting and some of those are a good book, a good trip, good food etc. So I thought I would also share those facets of my life with you all and hope that you enjoy them.

So recently I went to this newly opened restaurant named Bustle situated nearby my place, it’s located in Borivali West. It’s a rooftop restaurant and has a lot of options in terms of Food. It’s a Pure veg restaurant with a lot of Jain options and not a kid-friendly place and they do serve Alcohol.


So here is my review

This place is a new addition to rooftops in Borivali West, based on our resarch this place was earlier 90 feet above and the new place is by the same owners.
This place is located on the top floor or either rooftop of the building, I would suggest do prior bookings so that there are no issues later on as it was quite crowded even though we went on a Tuesday Night. Personally, I would suggest going on a weekday night rather than a weekend night when it will be too crowded.
This place has a beautiful ambience both in the open area and closed area and it has a very much boho vibe to it with the macrame pillows to cane furniture, especially in the open area, while the closed area is more of the fine dining carrying the same boho vibe in terms of decor.
It’s a good place to take your date if you are in the area, especially if you are an 80s – 90s kid you will enjoy the English songs that they play.
Now this place does NOT allow kids post 7 pm so something to keep in mind for those parents with kids planning to dine here.
Now on to the food, between 4 of us, we ordered items as below –
Malibu Sunset
Tequila Sunrise
Sex on the Beach
Kiwi Virgin Mohito
Some Mango based chilli mocktail


Verdict – the drinks were decent and quite refreshing albeit some of them were a bit on the sweeter end for us.

For food, we had –
Potato Skins with Thecha Aioli – 4/5 – Good starter or chakna item to pass the time, nothing great about the dip yes it was thecha flavoured but was very mild in flavour and hence the thecha effect was missing.
Avocado, Jalapeno, Cream Cheese and Cucumber Sushi – 3/5 – I will be honest I have never been a sushi lover but I really wanted to try this combination and it was much better than other places where I have had sushi and as the name suggests was quiet flavorful when it came to feeling the flavours of Avocado, Cream Cheese and Cucumber, however for me Jalapeno flavour was missing which would have made this dish for me. Again wasabi sauce was not very potent, which it normally is in an authentic sushi place so was definitely not impressed even though the ingredients looks great as a combo and the presentation of the dish was awesome.
Peshawari Paneer Tikka with Spiced Mint Chutney – 4/5 – Nothing out of the box here, but it was a nice flavour and perfect presentation. The paneer was soft and coated well with marinade.
Pesto Pasta – 3.5/5 – It felt more like it was toned down for masses as it felt very creamy to me and the pesto flavour did not have that impact. Felt like I was eating a combination of Pesto and White Sauce Pasta.
Mexican Rice – 2/5 – This particular one was the biggest disappointment of all as it did not do anything for me in terms of flavors.


Markers –
Drinks and Food – 3/5 – If you love food and are craving for some really good food this may not be the place to visit that day.
Service – 4/5 – Service is slow however if you go to such places you are not expecting quick service and quick exit, you want to sit chill and enjoy the vibe of the place and that is what you get. Our server was kind enough to ask us for feedback after every dish which was something different. Once placed order they were delivered to our table in 15 to 30 mins depending on the dish which is a fair time according to me.
Ambience – 4/5 – This place is definitely a place to be if you are looking for a nice vibe to take your family or your partner to. Just pre-book beforehand, take your partner, order some food and wine, sit back and relax.
One of the things I love about this place is they are providing things like sushi etc with a Jain option which is amazing because being a vegetarian I have always had restrictions in many places where I wanted to eat let’s say a good sushi brownie etc, and getting these options in Jain is like mindblowing to me. So kudos to the menu curators for it.

Overall I will definitely be going to this place again with my family, friends and better half soon even though the food is not great, because sometimes it’s about the ambience and that is where this place delivers and is different from its competitors.

Hope you enjoyed the review and if you live nearby my review helped you to take a call whether you would like to attend this place.


Khyati Kothari

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