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Red Indian Sizzler Restaurant Food Review

Hi All,
I am back with another food review and this time my favourite comfort food restaurant called Red Indian Sizzlers in Kandivali West.

Red Indian Sizzler Restaurant Food Review

No matter how many fancy restaurants you go to there is some magical pull when it comes to your favourite comfort food restaurant and Red Indian Sizzler is exactly that for me.
I have been visiting this place for more than 15 years now, the place has amazing food and the number of reviews speaks for itself, if not the waiting definitely will 🙂
So this year we went on a Tuesday night, when we reached there which was approximately 8:45 pm we were able to get a table however post 9 pm their waiting had started, just something to be aware of if you are planning to come here with your loved ones.
Now this place has one of the biggest Veg sizzler options you will ever find anywhere in Mumbai and that includes Yoko. This place gave me my first sizzler and my first sizzling brownie and after so many years I still come back to it, it’s that good !!!
We have tried so many things over the number of years here are some of my favourites –
Manchow Soup – 4/5 – If you want something which is like a street-style Indian version of Manchow soup which is the heart and reaches the right notes to your food buds, this place is to be. Their soup is not too spicy and has a perfect amount of flavour for me.


Plain Cheese Nachos – 4/5 – Now I am not a lover of beans and hence I prefer plain cheese nachos here, it comes with their own specialized version of Salsa which is creamy and different from the regular version that you get everywhere and is a must try.
Their Nachos i think are homemade or locally sourced at least and hence very different from the packet nachos that you get in many eateries (which I feel is simply lazy). If you are a person who likes a little bit of heat and spice then definitely top it up with some Tobasco sauce which they give you if you ask and dig in.


Pink Sauce Pasta – 4/5 – Now just like many Indians out there I don’t like the sweetish tangy spicy red sauce and neither the creamy White Sauce pasta (I know what a crime really :P), I prefer to have the best of both the worlds and this is where their pasta comes, again in the menu for ages and the taste has remained consistent over the years.
Any of their Veg sizzlers are amazing, however, my personal fav –
Veg Exotica sizzler – 100000/5 – Now if you love sizzlers then this is a must try, I think the sauce is a barbeque sauce or a pepper sauce, not sure may need to ask them the next time I go, however, I you enjoy the sizzler forget the details. One thing about their sizzlers are they are well-sized and will easily be enough for two people so order accordingly, they also serve half sizzler if you wanna go on a date with your own self 🙂
Now with Sizzlers, they give you the option to have Rice, Noodles or Both, we have tried all 3 options and all of them rock so you cannot go wrong. It comes with a good quantity of veggies, fries, small smiley aloo tikki on topping and lastly loaded with a generous amount of sauce. Now I had asked them for some extra sauce a couple of times when I was craving to eat their sauce, and unlike other places, they provide them to you without any issues or charging you anything extra.


Veg Sizzler with Garlic Sauce – 5/5 — This is another favourite of mine, if you are a person who doesn’t like a lot of spicy food but still enjoys good and strong flavours then this is a must-try sizzler for you, you can, of course, ask them to give you the sizzler with paneer etc, they have same sauces being served with different items like vegetables, paneer etc depending on your liking.
Sandwiches —
We have tried their Sandwiches also and they are also good.
Mexican Rice –
We have tried their Mexican Rice as well and they are also nice and flavorful.
Sizzling Brownie – 10/5 – As I said this place introduced me to sizzling brownie, and boy what a love it has been. Now what I love about this place is since it is a pure veg place this is one of the few places which serve eggless brownies. Their brownie is perfect, a not very soft but still good, generous amount of ice cream on top and served with a lot of hot chocolate on a sizzling platter causing it to sizzle.

Drinks – 5/5 – They have cold coffee, mojitos etc which you can select and cannot go wrong as all of them are nice. I personally am so engrossed in food, that I don’t tend to take drinks 🙂 But they are all good and you cannot go wrong with your choice.

That was the review for today guys, hope you enjoyed it.


Khyati Kothari

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