Wedding Platter

Platter on your Wedding Day

Wedding Platter

I bumped through this idea when i was searching for some unique and creative gifts for My Brothers Wedding.. This is one of the most trendy and creative idea i have actually seen..

Once i saw this i was sure i wanted to gift my brother a similar one and of course handmade :).. The one I made is —

The Wedding Platter I Made For My Brother

For this u will need —

1) One White Basic or light Self Designed Glass Platter

2) One stand to place the platter

3) Few OHP Pens to write on Glass.

U can start by drawing a basic model of a men and women getting married.. Ofcourse if u r not gud at drawing.. take help from those who are close to u and ask them to make for u.. (In my case  i asked my friend Gaurav.. n it worked out very well :D).. Once u r done with the basic model design u can decorate it with terms like .. “ON YOUR WEDDING DAY.. (Date of Wedding)”..

Also  i Added a little twist to it.. I asked people who were close to my brother and his wife.. to add few good wishes along with their name on it to make it more personalized and memorable..

Wedding Platter With Comments From Loved OnesOnce the Platter is ready.. Place it on the stand and to a position in a newly weds bedroom such that they would notice it.. N when they do I am sure they will be touched by your efforts and hardwork (Ofcourse ur friends hardwork included ;)..) and would cherish it for their lifetime.. It will surely make their day more memorable..


Khyati Kothari