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Paranomal Circle Triology By Nora Roberts

So here comes another mind blowing triology by Nora Roberts named Circle Triology…

The story line in these novels is about a beautiful but deadly vampire queen Lilith, has had over two thousand years experience in cruelly killing and changing humans into vampires.

Morrigan’s Cross (The Circle Trilogy, Book 1) : Standing on the cliffs of 12th century Ireland following the disappearance of his twin, Hoyt Mac Cionaoith is visited by the goddess Morrigan and is charged with the ultimate of tasks: saving his and all future worlds by killing Lilith who has changed his twin Cian.

Now, Hoyt, a sorcerer, must travel across the world and through time to find and train the five others Morrigan has fortelled will join him as a circle and fight a battle against Lilith’s army of vampires on Samhain in the land of Geall. But just who is the witch, the shape-changer, the scholar, the warrior and the vampire? How will this unlikely band of six prepare and become one with less than three months until the possible end of the world?

Follows the arrival of Glenna Ward – a modern day witch with a knack for making her own kind of magic, the kind that makes his heart melt – Hoyt must find the strength to save the world and the love he has for Glenna…

Dance Of The Gods (The Circle Trilogy, Book 2) : Raised in a family of demon hunters, Blair Murphy has her own personal demons to fight – the father who trained, then abandoned her, and the fiance who walked out on her. Now she finds herself training a sorcerer from 12th century Ireland, a witch from modern day New York, a scholar, and a shape-shifter from the mythical land of Gaell.
Slowly and steadily she starts counting them as a family and learns to trust them and fight with them side by side. Trusting Hoyt’s brother Cian who himself is a vampire but has his own reasons to kill Lilith is a big issue but still she manages this and falls in love with the shape shifter..

Valley Of Silence (The Circle Trilogy, Book 3)  :  Having traveled through the Dance of the Gods to the land of Geall, the circle finds themselves convincing then training the people of Geall to defeat Lilith’s vampire army. The Valley of Silence is a forbidding place for the battle of all battles, but the circle continues to prepare through magic and a few early stakeouts that test their strength individually and as a team.

Moira finds herself playing the roles of warrior and royal queen, as she follows the tradition of her people and prepares to take the crown before leading them into battle. And if that isn’t enough, she finds her falling in Love with Cian the Vampire.. And how can she rescue herself and control herself from falling in love with a Vampire when she herself is a queen and the fate of her people lie in her hands? And how will the people of Geall fare against an army of blood-thirsty vampires who have had centuries to prepare?


Khyati Kothari

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