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New copyrights :)

Well fellas I am not going to post any wallpapers or one of my crafty projects :).. But today indeed I am going to share somebody else’s work.. I am so excited for it.. Anyways here is what I wanted to show you guys


Yes my new copyrights !!!  aren’t they amazing.. I just couldn’t stop drooling when my friend completed it for me.. Well for me he is a pro in Photoshop and sketching.I love the way he has not only used photoshop but also his own sketching to make the girl to suit the copyright I had in mind giving it all personalized touch.. I personally love it as compared to other copyrights I saw on different websites.. Anyways don’t mind my blabbering I am just happy.. But for those of you who are out there and want to get a unique copyright done I guess he is the best person to contact .. And here is his website link..

I hope you guys like my new copyrights.. And for sure I will be using it a lot!!

Thanks for looking in to folks.. Happy Thoughts..




Khyati Kothari

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