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Nandus Dosa and Diner - Food Review

Nandus Dosa and Diner – Food Review

HI All,

Back with another food review, this is another one of my favourite places whenever I am craving some Dosas.

Nandus Dosa and Diner – Food Review – Mahavir Nagar, Kandivali (West)


Nandus Dosa is another one of my comfort food, whenever I am craving for some dosas. This is a go-to place if you are a lover of Dosas, the place is a small joint so don’t expect a fancy dining experience but the food will blow your mind.
Some of my recommendations –
Nandus Special Dosa – 5/5 – This is my go-to Dosa, its spicy, its savoury and everything in between. The bhaji is a blast of flavours.
Khakhra Dosa – 100/5 – This is something we discovered much later and boy did we miss it !!! As the name suggests, the dosa is literally like Khakhras (Gujju Snack), extremely crispy. Everyone I have taken to this place be it kids or elders they have loved it, must try.
Paneer Chilli Dosa – 4/5 – Another good one, this is not Chinese dosa but the filling is of Paneer and decently spicy. For me, the spiciest dosa is Nandus Special out of all the ones I have tried.
Paneer Makhani Dosa – 4/5 – Creamier take on paneer bhaji and this one was flavorful and interesting, much better than what we had expected, and not at all sweet so that was a plus.
Special Manchurian Dosa – 4/5 – This is definitely the Chinese take on the Dosa, It is extremely flavorful and spicy. An Indian-style Chinese take on Dosa and we loved it.
Jini Dosa – 4/5 – Another classic combination, we normally have standing Jini dosa however it’s comparatively mild in flavours, so good to have when you have something light in terms of flavours.
Open Pizza Dosa – 4/5 – Dosa served as a pizza where instead of pizza you get dosa as a base. Another mild dosa and is perfect for kids and people who don’t prefer spicy or flavorful food.
Steam Idli – 4/5 – They provide good and soft idlis, definitely good but personally not one of my favourites as I am here for flavours.
Veg Grill Sandwich – They also serve good sandwiches if you are a sandwich lover and would like to give them a try. They also serve good Pizzas.
However, we are always here mostly for Dosas and boy do they deliver always 🙂
This is a place where I would suggest don’t go for takeaway rather go there and eat, and see the difference in the texture. Dosa is an item which needs to be eaten as soon as it’s made and that makes all the difference.


Khyati Kothari

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