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3 Idiots

Movie Review of 3 Idiots


There are some movies which touch ur heart in a way no other emotion has touched u…

N 3 idiots movie falls in to that category…

The message behind the movie is very simple.. Instead of deciding the future of ur kids tht whether thy shd b an engineer or doctor..

let them decide for themselves wht they want to be…

Today  due to society pressure n all we all want our kids to be no 1 in life.. We want our ids to hav highest payin job..

big name in society n all tht.. irrespective of whether it gives them happiness..

Many of us dun hav issues… cos we learn to hide our preferences n do whtr our parents say… the only reason is bein pratical…

But there r still some of us.. whose drive to become somethin else is much stronger than other n r nt able to mould the way their parents want thm to..

This movie is for dedicated to such kinda ppl.. who want their childhood back… who want to make their own decisions..

Thus the message is out loud n clear to the parents n to the future generation… let ur kida hav the freedom to choose wht thy wanna b..

Also there is a message to our current education system which is completly bookish…

Tht now wht india wants is not the top notch engineers n doctors who r very gud theoritically but some innovators.


Khyati Kothari

1 thought on “Movie Review of 3 Idiots”

  1. Thats so true.
    parents need to realize what a child wants to become and not what they wish them to be. Its once in a Lifetime movie, and more so for the gen now, as they shouldn’t do their kids what had happened to them.

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