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Message On A Bottle

So You have always heard of having a letter placed in to bottle and then give it to your loved ones.. but again now we provide u a different gift with same things :)…What if u write ur message for ur loved ones on to a bottle then decorate it and then gift it to them.. Something like —


For this u will need —

1) An empty bottle with a cork.

2) Some OHP pens.

3) Few artifical rose petals or whatever u want to decorate the bottle with and some ribbons.

First of all rinse the bottle and add some fragrance to it which will last.. So that on long run it doesn’t smell bad.. Then fill the bottle with decorating materials u have selected.. I personally used therm o call balls for it.. But it may vary on ur choice.. New innovative ideas r always welcome :).. Finally once u have completed the decoration.. Choose a contrast colored OHP pen (Contrast to ur decorative materials color) and write a good message for that special someone.. U can also decorate the cork with ribbons.. Also u can add some sparkling powder inside the bottle to make it shine 🙂

I wrote a nice message for my brother.. If u have difficulty finding what exactly to write for them check out my Qoutes section m sure u will get something there.. Once done u can gift it to them n m sure they will love the gesture ;).

The one i made was —


If u guys out there have some better techniques or some better ways do post it out and lemme know.. As i said earlier good suggestions r always welcome :):):):)


Khyati Kothari

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