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Love Stones

So your love of life did something really sweet for you and you had a whim to give him something which is personalized and the one he/she will cherish for their lifetime and at the same time is hassle free as we all are always bound on time :)..

Well again this site is on a rescue for you.. You could make Love stones for your loved ones..

All you will need is —

1)Some stones

2)Marker/ Sparkles

3)Of course love and some time  😉


First off all jot down various words which define your relation.. like love, respect, trust etc… Then get some stones which you could get at your local dollar shop or get it from you garden. If they are from garden take sometime to first clean them and the let them dry. Once the stones are ready all you have to do is write each word on the stone with either sparkle/ marker whichever you are comfortable with. Once you are done with writing give it sufficient time to dry off…


After this process you can tuck those stones to places where you know your loved ones is bound to check.. Like their coffee mug or their towel.. Am sure they will be surprised and touched at the same time with your beautiful gesture..

So folks what you waiting for go grab the stones… If you guys have a similar idea in mind do lemme know how you did it.. Am sure it will help other users 🙂


Khyati Kothari

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