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Love and Cheesecake Review

Hi All,
I guess I am on a roll for some food reviews this week as I plan to add reviews of al the photo dump I took that someday I will add reviews, so here goes nothing and hope you enjoy as always reading my small blog for today 🙂

Love and Cheesecake Review –

Now this is not the first time I have had cake from here, In fact, I love their cheesecakes and had been buying them from this place even before cheesecakes were a viral or Instagramable thing.
So it was my birthday a couple of days back and my friend ordered this beautiful Red Velvet cheesecake which is one of my favourite flavours of theirs.


The taste of this cake was amazing, ingredients were fresh. The cake was the perfect amount of soft and smooth texture when cut into and the taste was just yummy and amazing.

If you are trying this for the first time would definitely suggest going with half a kg cake rather than bigger sizes as cheesecake is not for everyone, especially people who love their traditional cake taste and flavours. Also, with cheesecake the cake should be fresh or it will taste a bit weird and the cheese flavour may overpower your cake flavour. Also, one more tip try Red Velvet Cheesecake this is one of the safest option to try if you are trying it for the first time and is also one of the most popular flavour so the chances are you will always get a fresh cheesecake.

And that was the review for today guys,


Khyati Kothari

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