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Iris Johansen

Iris Johansen is one of an exceptional writer when it comes to writing fictional thrillers. Her articulate way to simply create mindbogglingly action scenes is one of the best things that can be provided to a reader. I have read many of her books and the characterization of the leads both male and female is simply awesome. These are the books where females are not treated like some dolls but are shown equally smart, intelligent and savvy.

The best book series she has written in Eve Duncan if anyone is intrested to go through them. Face of Deception, StaleMate, QuickSand, FireStorm are few of my favourite books. It’s very hard to select the best one of the lot cos her action plots are intruiging and exciting. In short if you want to read some spellbounding and out the world well plotted action novels you should definetly give Iris Johansens novel a try.


Khyati Kothari

5 thoughts on “Iris Johansen”

  1. I second that opinion. Although not an avid reader, but I have found the level of fiction she portrays as spell bounding. Must read in my view

    1. Dude… Dan Brown doesnt stand in comparison to Iris Johansen… He needs to come up with more books to be able to compared to her…

    1. Nope… not yet received the novel.. but as soon as i read it, I will surely remember to add a review to it 🙂

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