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Introducing CraftAdda

Well as most of my crafter friends do know that I am a part of CraftAdda and have joined in as a Designer.. But for the benefit of those who don’t know about it , let me tell you the story behind it :).. As all of my readers know that I am an avid crafter and a software developer by profession.. Most of the crafting supplies I use in my projects is made in US and is very difficult to get in India, so when me and my friends once were discussing my plights on how difficult it is to get stuff in India.. They asked me hey why don’t we give all the Indian crafter’s a platform where they can not only buy Craft and Art Supplies.. And at the same time lets take it a notch above and make a site which has an actual cart system, where people can browse andΒ  buy stuff.. And that’s how we started..

To all those of my crafter friend’s I welcome your suggestion and opinions on how to make it better.. Feel free to provide me some constructive feedback :)..Β  Also for our existing customer’s thank you for your overwhelming support and orders.. We are very proud of what we have achieved and will go on giving our 100% to CraftAdda.. And for those who are new to this..All you need to do is register here and we will inform you with all the latest sales and additions to our shop.. You can also like our facebook page here and keep yourself updated.. For the FAQ’s and how to checkout through online shopping system we have all the details provided here.. If you guys still have doubts you can contact us too..

Apart from all these we also have a blog coming up where we can provide you with inspirations using our products.. Kalindi another fellow crafter and a good friend has agreed to become Designer.. So do checkout her blog and some of the craft work done by her.. I especially love her punch crafting, which I am really bad at :D…Β  And here and here are the links to some of the crafting work I have done till date πŸ™‚

Will see you guys tomorrow with a tutorial on a Mixed Media scrapbook cover I have made.. For those who know me well enough know that currently I am going through the obsession of learning and creating Mixed Media and altered art and a bit of both πŸ˜‰

P.S — I just realized that Diwali is over and there was no post from my end to wish u guys πŸ™ .. What can I say, the entire fault goes to my Brother :D.. who invited my Mum to US and now I am left with household duties apart from my already chaotic Life.. But hey I enjoy it πŸ˜› .. (Mom if you are reading this come back soon :D)


Khyati Kothari

3 thoughts on “Introducing CraftAdda”

  1. lol !
    Let aunty stay in US for some more time re..
    Dont be so selfish …
    Just hone your chaotic skills.. πŸ˜‰
    Congratulations for the intro and it.

  2. He he he… Introduction is good. I am sure it will be a huge success. Regarding sending mom early its time that you paid a little more attention to the kitchen ;-)… So forget it…

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