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If they don’t make you a priority

Hello peeps.. First of all to all my readers in India a very Happy Makar Sakrant.. I just love this festival :D.. Secondly I would like to share with all of u a little something about my site.. I guess by now all my readers know that I have an inclination to pursue multiple hobbies together.. Well that’s me a but jumbled up in many things  at the same time .. But guess what fellas I love this mess :)..

Its been quiet a few months that I have actually created a page for my readers so that they can “Share A Quote” they love.. And as soon as I get some time I will combine this quote with a wallpaper and add a post on to my site with the readers name who posted the quote.. Sounds kool?? .. Well I have already done this for a few of readers who were kind enough to share the quotes with me.. So those of you who are interested in sharing the quotes can visit my “Share A Quote” page here ..

Well so it seems today I have written quiet a big post..  But lets end it up with a beautiful wallpaper for all of u folks.. So here it comes

If they don’t make you a priority,

then explore your options..


Khyati Kothari

3 thoughts on “If they don’t make you a priority”

  1. Hi…………………….. like your concept…..
    i m an Consistence reader of ur posts…. but u never replied to me 🙁 ahhh!! 😛
    .. juss kiddin, keep it up… we likes ur posts…

    1. Well thank you Pratik for such lovely comments.. and thanks again for being a consistent reader 🙂 .. Expecting some of the “share a quote” requests coming from u soon

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