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I do :) — A wedding card

Well guys I am back again with a wedding card, which is the biggest symbol of Love according to me.. I just love wedding not because of the music, dancing and food (I love that too by the way :D), but because of the Love..  I don’t know if you have noticed but there is so much Love bursting out of people especially on two occasions.. Once you get married and well the other is when there is baby in the house.. As you all know I have recently became an Aunt and hence I am again getting sentimental all over :).. Well enough of my blabber I hope you all re also dying to see the pics of my latest card as much as I am keen to show them :D.. So without further wait here are the pics –

Front of the card –


Some other angle –


Inside of the card –


Some more clicks from different angles –



For the complete card recipe[e hop on to CraftAdda Blog

Hope you like it, and if you do.. Share some Love 🙂

Happy Crafting

— Khyati


Khyati Kothari

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