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He's Just Not That Into You

Review of He’s Just Not That Into You


With a cast that comprises names like Jennifer Aniston , Jennifer Connelly , Scarlett Johansson , Drew Barrymore , Justin Long and Ben Affleck…

The movie starts with how the girls are taught from the moment they have their first crush.. That if that guy ignores you means he is scared about what he is feeling about you and that he is totally in to you, And not that “He’s Just Not That Into You”…

Its a story about a group of  interconnected people in Baltimore…

Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin), Beth (Aniston) and Janine (Connelly) are co-workers who are at different points on the relationship continuum. Janine has found her happy ending in the form of marriage to Ben (Bradley Cooper), Beth is in a holding pattern that is her seven-year-long relationship with Neil (Affleck) who claims to love her but has no intention of marrying her; and Gigi constantly finds herself at the starting line even though she over analyzes every word, phrase or statement that passes between her and a date, until she thinks that all she can find are unavailable men.

Now all of this is on the surface. These are still waters, they run deep, and much is left to be resolved. Soon Ben encounters a complication in the form of Anna (Johansson), a singer he encounters at a supermarket and ends up having an affair with. Anna’s confidante is Mary (Barrymore), an ad salesperson at a Baltimore newspaper who keeps having online rendezvous with a variety of men. Anna also has a go-to man friend/casual lover in Conor (Kevin Connolly), a real estate salesman who went on a date with Gigi and never called her back. So when Gigi shows up at a bar he told her he likes, she encounters Alex (Long), a guy who for some inexplicable reason takes it upon himself to bust a few myths for her about the man-woman dynamic and what a guy really means when he says certain things.

Yup, now you’re beginning to get somewhat of a clearer picture of the tangled web this movie weaves as it attempts to get us through the romantic entanglements and befuddlement’s of some folk who just happen to be exactly like the rest of us in the free world — looking for happiness without a clear idea of what that might actually look or feel like.

Needless to say, each of the primary women learns something new about her situation….

Gigi (Ginnifer Goodwin) learns that there is no point in analyzing the statement.. That when you are meant to fall in love you will.. And she does with Alex (Long), in between their tiffs regarding men and women.. And they both live happily..

Beth (Aniston) realizes that she cannot be happy without Neil (Affleck) and that he loves her, And that they dont need to be married to live happily ever after..

Janine (Connelly) is not able to trust her husband Ben (Bradley Cooper) and divorces him and begins her new life..

So go ahead watch this unique entanglement and web of love.. Am sure you will like this movie and you would surely learn some of lesson from atleast one of the love story.. A nice break from the routine of action movies..

I would rate this movie a 3/5…


Khyati Kothari

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