Go Blingy!!! FrontCard 67 1

Go Blingy!!!

Well first Pie Lane Challenge has been hosted here.. And up for the prize will be an amazing Pie Lane goodie bag..  Who doesn’t like Pie Lane.. I love their metallic butterflies and glitter balls which I have loads .. But I have not used them here.. I actually am not a blingy person and use them to the minimal.. So this challenge was really tough for me.. But I did go overboard with the same and was quiet satisfies with the results :).. Well so here is the look at the same ..

Go Blingy!!! FrontCard 67 1As I said I dont have lots of glitter.. What I did was I took my Fevicryl Pearl Colors and applied it on the paper using my brayer to give it that shiny finish.. Then I stamped my Hero Arts Magical Background stamp which I just got yesterday and then added random glitter dots using Fevicryl glitter bottles.. Then I added rhinestones in the middle.. Well I always felt that using glitters will be too bold but it turned out just cool and one of my friend has asked me to save it for him :).. So here are further closeups of the glitter ofcourse 🙂

Go Blingy!!! FrontCard 67 2

Go Blingy!!! FrontCard 67 3

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