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Do as the Dart Says

Do as the Darts Say

So you thought u can gift ur family or loved ones something weird, unique and out of the box at the same time. The gift they can appreciate, have fun with and help bringing  u closer to them all at a sametime. Well here is a chance to do so —

I present to u a unique game cum entertainer –



What u will need is to go to supermarket buy out a dart game first.

Then instead of points on the board replace it with some tasks u have in mind based on whether u wanna make it for family or special someone or friends..

Like for friends u can havea task like Dance instead of point 10..

Its a total timepass game people trust me on that…

So here goes another easy to make and easy to use gift along with a game 🙂

Thus its truly said by someone – “By using some creative ideas u can transform even he simplest thing to something much more unique, useful and fun at the same time.” . Bless the person who thought of it 😉


Khyati Kothari

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