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DIY superhero/ Avengers night lamp with video tutorial

Hi Guys,

I am back again with another tutorial, this time with a DIY superhero lamp. I am a big fan of avengers and I decided to make a lamp using the images from the same.

So here is the look at the lamp –


The tutorial for the same is on my channel –

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The tutorial is very self explanatory, however if you have any queries or if you want me to try any new DIYs please feel free to comment and I will get back to you.

Do provide me your opinions on how you liked the video or if you want to share if you created a similar lamp, I would love to hear from you.

Some more images of the lamp –

diy_photo_lamps_8 diy_photo_lamps_7 diy_photo_lamps_6 diy_photo_lamps_5 diy_photo_lamps_4 diy_photo_lamps_3 diy_photo_lamps_2 diy_photo_lamps_1

Hope you enjoyed today’s post.

Until Later,



Khyati Kothari

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