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DIY Clay tea coasters

Hi Guys.. these days I am very much in to DIY and I plan to add more posts on the same.. my today’s post is something related to a new medium which I am trying .. yes its Clays ๐Ÿ™‚ .. This particular DIY is made using air dry clay from Mungyo. So before I start on how I did it .. here are some pics of the same –


Now on how I did it and some more closeups –

My inspiration for this post was whimseybox.. She had used ceramic tiles which I did not have handy.. Hence I am improvised and used air dry clay.. Since its air dry clay you need to work fairly quickly with it.. You approximately have an hour to work with shaping it and than it starts hardening.. I kneaded clay a bit and than rolled it out using a rolling pan.. I have used Fast track watches lid as my cookie cutter to cut the shape..ย  Once the shape was cut out you let it dry.. One tip while drying see to it that you coasters don’t start being, straighten them out in regular periods.. I let the dry for 2 – 3 days before working on them.. Once they were completely dry I used another one of my favorite product these days The paint markers to doodle or whatever the design you want to.. I decided to go with the words and I have used black paint marker to write them down.. The sides are colored using gold paint marker.. I have than added coats of marine fevicol to protect the coasters from water (the marine fevicol provides a good and cheap alternative to Mod podge if you have patience for the fevicol to dry).. It takes 2 -3 days for fevicol to dry which also adds glossy look to the coasters .. Once dry add some foam sheets on the behind to provide a flat base to the coasters.. I have used glitter foams as I had them handy .. So here are some more pics of the same –

Back of the coastersClayCoasters1_2

All the coasters that I have made –



Some close ups –





Could not wait to use it ๐Ÿ™‚ –



Hope you guys enjoyed the post.. Happy crafting..


Khyati Kothari

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