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Daily Reminders Of my Love


Its a jar containing love chits with ur personalized message for ur loved ones.. Which they can pick up daily.. An ideal gift to be given to ur partner when they r goin away from u for few months on some onsite assignment due to work..


Making it requires few basic stuff and some of ur innovation of course 😉

You will need —

1) Glass Jar/ Wooden Box/Box of Pringles (so on.. ends at ur imagination ;))

2) Red/ Pink Card paper or Design Paper .

3) Different Colored sparkle Pens.

4) Decoration Materials of Your Choice.


Take the Container which you have selected and wrap it with a design paper of ur choice. Then decorate it with frills and ribbons.. Also u can stick a decorated paper on to it with ur message written on it like (Daily Reminders Of My Love,  Some Reasons Y U Mean So Much to Me, What Could I Do Without You.. so on)

Take the Design Paper and cut in to uniform sizes and keep them ready. Then collect the messages for the person you want it to gift to.. For Eg : it can be few reasons why you love that person.. Or how he has helped You through ur tough times and so on…

28052010041-150x150-7991924(Top Of the Pringles Container decorated with ribbons)

Start writing those messages artistically on to the design papers and fold them and add those messages to the Jar. Go on repeating this till the jar is full … Or all ur messages are been written…U can also add some chocolates, therm o call balls, colored papers and so on to fill the jar…Put this jar in to special someone’s luggage and let them find it.. When they find it tell them rules are.. They need to pick one chit each day and read the matter u have written in it specially for them.. This will make them feel as if they r close to u.. And daily start their day with ur thought in their mind 🙂



Khyati Kothari

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