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Cancerian Women

  • They are Homely-creatures,
  • epitome of feminine fragility.
  • Loves to pamper themselves within the comforts of their home.
  • Cancerian females are very intuitive, possessive and clingy.
  • Once offended, they recede into their shell, while the other person will suffer silent treatment.
  • Are attractive to look at and have large and expressive eyes.
  • Highly emotional and deeply reflective, which can make her depressed and disheartened often.
  • Family comes first for her.
  • She is the most devoted lover and goes to any extent to make her partner and family happy.
  • But she should be treated with utmost love and care.
  • Loves to be praised, hugged and cuddled all the time and hates person who is less emotional than her or cold and detached.
  • Loves to fantasize and imagine.
  • They never dream alone, and make their near and dear ones a part of their fantasy
  • Wants is security of herself and her family and she works patiently towards this goal.

Lets see how many cancerian women agree to these traits ?

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