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Review Of Are You Afraid Of The Dark By Sidney Sheldon

So being a fan of sidney sheldon this was the last book written by him.. So had to read this one.. It’s a story of how 4 scientist from different part of world are being hired by a Kinglsey think tank to create 4 different part of same thing and are mysteriously killed.. The CEO of the think tank announces that he will find out whoever has done this..

Meanwhile, the widow of the scientist.. One who is a famous model and one who is just a girl next door.. They also want to find out who killed their husbands.. In the search of the killers they meet each other.. And also escape death several times… How they rely on each other and finally find the killer.. Is what the story is all about..

This was one of the most fast paced and thrilling novel of sidney sheldon.. And also since its the last novel.. A must paid tribute the legend.. So do get it and read it..

I would rate it 4/5


Khyati Kothari

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