A card which is very close to my heart

Hello peeps I have a news to share.. A happy one.. I have become an Aunt :).. and I am so excited with the news.. After 25 years we have a new born in our family and boy am I excited :D.. The baby and mom are doing well.. And my family is still in a state of happy shock and awe 🙂 ..

She has been named “Kiara Kothari” by my Brother and Sister in Law :).. So we have a junior “KK” in our family ;)..So now I feel all the more responsible as I am the senior “KK”.. (Khyati Kothari)

So this starts a new lovely chapter in the life of my family especially my Brother and Sister In law.. So here comes much awaited “Congratulations” to them.. I would like to share a card which I have made for her and which forever will be close to my heart.. So here are the images of the card…

Baby Girl Card 1

Baby Girl Card

Baby Girl Card Image 2

Baby Girl Card Image 2

Baby Girl Card Image 3

Baby Girl Card Image 3

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3 Responses

  1. Kiara Kothari says:

    OMG… Khyati aunty… The card is as cute as me… Luv u…

  2. Kalindi says:

    Imagine the kids today …Born on 15th Dec and 17th dec she is already blogging .! Such a techie Kiara is 🙂
    But I can understand your delirious happiness with Kiara’s arrival 🙂
    Your card is seriously as cute as her although she looks like a bean and cuter .

  3. Khyati says:

    Thanks guys for all the love 🙂

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