3 Idiots

It is always a bliss to be provided with people in your life who understand, love, respect and accept you the way you are. And u cannot thank god enough if those kind of people are related to u wid blood. Thats y i consider myself one of the god favoured child ;). My cousins Mahavir and Yash are one of the two important people in my life. We 3 are of similar age hardly having a difference of 3 months… which ofcourse me being me consider it a big thing and ask them to call me big sister :D.

These are the people in front of whom i dont need to pretend anything. They accept me the way i am with my bad temper, my silly imaginations etc…We together hav made so many momories that its very difficult to describe them..
Planning of weeks b4 any1’s bday.. surprising them wid it, out of the mind bday plans n gifts ofcourse 😉
Those late night debates on any topics we cud get… be it personality disorders or debate on where India is goin or todays education system.. somehow many boring topics which i thought i wont b able to discuss .. or some of those moments which i thought i cud never relate to changed when i was with them… some how problem of any1 of us seemed to be problem of all of us and we all were always hell bound on resolvin it…
No doubt even we had our low time :)… as we say (har kutte ke din badalte he :P).. we had fights in various phases of our lives due to many reasons.. and those fights ultimately led to silent war of a varying period from days to months… but somehow i always felt that it brought me closer to mahavir n yash… cos it made me sit n realise their importance in my life…
So cutting the small story short… all 3 of us had our differences but hey… who said tht ppl wid similar thinkin can hav great relations… infact opposites attract… Eventhough all 3 of us were not exactly opposites of each other… but we always brought different layer to our discussions… and these silly fights and way of lukin to my life thru 3 different perspective led me to realise tht indeed its makin me a whole new n a matured person..
So here is to us 3 idiots(A lovely transition from being kids to mature adults :)) — Previosuly called at tripod (ofcourse when ipod was the latest buzz :D)

Khyati Kothari