Mr and Mrs Right Pillows

Personalized Couple Pillows :)

I was as usal browsing through internet (my favourite timepass … u guys must understood that by now 😛 ).. Nyways i waas searchin for the some couple gifts for my brothers marriage and i saw this ideas of personalising pillows.. OF course i knew u can personalise pillows but the captions and the photos caught my eyes.. Here are some catchy lines just for u..

Mr and Mrs Right PillowsI LOve U Graphical Pillow

King And Queen PillowsGraphic Love Pillows

Always Remember to Kiss Good Night PillowSoul Mates Pillows

Mr and Mrs Right Graphic PillowMr and Mrs _____ Pillows

Happily Ever After PillowsHeart Shaped Always Remember To Kiss Me Pillows

So these are some of the ideas.. Hope they are useful to u :).. Well the last heart one was what i gifted to my brother on his Wedding..

For those who stay in Mumbai (India ) — U can get Pillows printed at any Archies shop..

Also there is an IFeel store in Mumbai who do these kinda stuff (Source  –…


Khyati Kothari